About Us

The Frederick E. Samuel Democratic Club is an official Democratic Party organization in the heart of Harlem; Manhattan NYC. Come and join us
The Club serves as a volunteer base in political campaigns.  During the year, the Club host numerous special events and activities including an Annual Legends Award, health fairs, Members Appreciation Day, Community Holiday Celebration, Legal Clinic, etc. The Club publishes a monthly newsletter highlighting local political activities and events.  General Membership Meetings, usually meet-and-greet followed by discussion of topical issues, are scheduled for Thursday of each week and Board Meetings for the third Monday of each month unless otherwise noted.  The Club is administered by a Board; Club members, who wish to become more actively involved are invited to consider leadership opportunities.

Our History

In the 1970's Frederick E. Samuel, along with James Banks, Elois Banks, Ted Meekins, Robert Anderson, Dazivedo Watson, and Clyde Frazier, Sr., founded the Community Democratic Club of Harlem.  From the early 1970s through the ‘80s, (the Community Democratic Club was renamed the Frederick E. Samuel Community Democratic Club (FESCDC) after Fred’s death in 1985) the Club attracted members from every career path who volunteered their time to help residents in the areas of housing, legal matters, tenants’ rights, voter registrations and youth mentorship programs.  Many aspiring political individuals who sought advice recognized the Club’s vision. The Club endorsed countless political starts— even many whose districts were in other boroughs— no matter the distance.  Political Leader such as C. Virginia Fields, Charles Rangel, Bill Perkins, Keith L.T. Wright, Stanley Michaels, Archie Spigner, David Dinkins, Basil and David Paterson, and the late Percy Sutton,  only a few of those who branded themselves under the guidance and influence of The FESCDC.  However, the support of candidates for local political seats was not enough. The Club strives for real justice for the citizens of Harlem, which would never be achieved until there was equal representation in the courts. Therefore, The FESCDC endorses people of color for Supreme/State Court seats; some have moved on into more influential positions in the Appeals and Surrogate court systems. 


The Club’s motto rings clear, Service, Not Rhetoric, has been a rallying cry that has served the Harlem Community with devotion, integrity, compassion, and selflessness— “Reach out and help someone. Give a little of your time, knowledge, and wealth.” Elois Banks, Female District Leader and Founder  

It is morally wrong to perpetuate a system and a practice which promote minor political party representation at the clear expense of ethnic justice,”

Fred Samuel, Male District Leader and Founder. 


For over 40 years the FESCDC has continued the tradition of meeting every Thursday night at the Harlem YMCA and continues to serve the Harlem community with the Spirit that was left by the Founder.

Ricky L. Davis


Melvin B. Alston

Vice President